I have a neurological disorder that makes my muscles contract involuntarily. When my expensive medicine started causing bad side effects, Keren helped me get off it and manage my symptoms.
— JM
My body feels really good for the first time in a long time. MFR helps me connect to my problems by connecting through my body.
— N
Thank you so much for facilitating my treatment yesterday. It was perfect. My spirit feels peaceful and more calm. So does my body. I have noticed improved range of motion in my right shoulder/arm. That is a bonus! I am grateful for the safe loving space you created with me to allow these wonderful changes. I love MFR whole person treatment. You are skilled and loving and I deeply appreciate you.
— PW
A big thank you to Keren for her myofascial work on me and for seeing what my needs were so quickly. I feel like it catapulted me to being able to really feel ease by continuing myofascial work, learning how to unwind and do release work on my own...and feeling her enthusiasm for the effects it has had for her as well. So grateful!
— J
Thank you!” What a gift you have-I mean, there are very few people in the world who can integrate physical and emotional healing into a truly effective healing session. A change like this is so far beyond “helping me with my neck pain.” You’ve helped me release a 35 year stranglehold, while allowing a little 5 y.o. girl a more intimate and loving relationship with her father. I’ve been watching her and interacting with her since I returned home yesterday feeling like my “inner” 5 y.o. boy is her new best friend.
— M